Volunteer Battalion Anthology

Today we would like to announce a whole cycle of materials dedicated to various volunteer units of the power structures of Ukraine

Sabotage of the Minsk agreements

Six years ago, at the summit in Minsk, agreements on the peaceful settlement of the situation in eastern Ukraine were agreed and signed by the Contact Group.

Prison beds for Donbass people

Just imagine! The Ukrainian authorities prepared in advance places of detention for their own citizens who dared to speak out against the policy of Kiev.

The mysterious death of Gennady Kernes # 17

As you know, on December 17, 2020, the former mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, died. His death was not only a tragedy for his family and friends, but raised many political questions.

This is what Czech counterintelligence should report to Milos Zeman #16

Today we will have a very interesting topic in the video.This is about the recent statement by Czech President Milos Zeman, who demanded a list of Russian intelligence officers working in the country

Crimes of the Ukrainian Security Forces against civilians and foreigners #15

New video is about the crimes of the Kiev regime against its own people. It will show specific facts of looting and other crimes committed by Ukrainian military personnel.

MH17. New satellite images #14

The US leadership stated that it has satellite images that confirm the involvement of the Russian Buk in the tragedy. So why is the American side hiding irrefutable evidence?

Money from US State Department for Ukrainian Marines #13

While working with the archive an interception of a telephone conversation was found between an employee of the US Embassy in Ukraine and the commander of the marine battalion of the armed forces of Ukraine.

Activities of the British Secret Intelligence Service in Ukraine #12

As it was mentioned before, new episode is about activities of the British Secret Intelligence Service in Ukraine.

TV tower stumbling block

In the eleventh remark, we will talk about the attempt of the Ukrainian special services to conduct a sabotage operation in the Donbass.