SBU plans to obtain legal opportunity to conduct operations outside the country

Vasily Prozorov commented on the changes in the Law of Ukraine “On the Security Service of Ukraine” to the Antifashist news agency.

Interview for "PolitRussia" information portal

Is there really confidence within Ukraine itself that membership in NATO is not far off?

Secret training ground for counterintelligence in Foggy Albion: what tasks have MI6 agents been performing in Ukraine for the last 7 years?

Vasily Prozorov spoke in a circle of well-known experts and told a lot of interesting things about the activities of the British in Ukraine on the Zvezda TV channel.

Virus. Made in USA

This is the name of the release of Investigation with the participation of Vasily Prozorov, who went out on NTV yesterday.

Interview with Vasily Prozorov for the PolitNavigator news agency

The crimes of the Kiev regime against civilians, provocations and murders of the SBU, the activities of foreign special services in Ukraine are just a few of the topics that were discussed in an interview.

Vasily Prozorov revealed the plans of American military virologists

The United States destroyed the Ukrainian healthcare system with the help of former minister Ulyana Suprun, who lobbied for the interests of American pharmaceutical companies

Vasily Prozorov declassified documents on US biological experiments in Ukraine

Information can shed light on the deaths of hundreds of people.

Weapon in a test tube. Vasily Prozorov took part in the program on Zvezda TV channel

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Weapon in a test tube. How the United States turned Ukraine into an experimental testing ground

Special investigation of the former employee of the security service of Ukraine Vasily Prozorov on the air of the program "Man and the Law"

"Point of no return"

The online-presentation of the book "Point of no return" was held on Sunday.