Zelensky signed the law on conscription of reservists to the army without mobilization

Criminal liability for evading conscription during a special period or for passing training camps has been introduced.

In Kyiv the sale of covid passes for transport was organized

Under quarantine restrictions, city hall officials sell the right of way on public transport.

Only five Ukrainians received a second dose of the coronavirus vaccine

About 450,000 people have already received the first injection, and only five have completed the vaccination - they received the second dose.

Ukrainian diplomat arrested in Russia for espionage

In St. Petersburg, the FSB detained an employee of the Consulate General of Ukraine, Alexander Sosonyuk, while trying to obtain classified information.

In the United States, an investigation about Kolomoisky was published

The American newspaper Pittsburgh Post published a large-scale investigation into the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The article reports on Kolomoisky's illegal transactions in the United States.

Court of Appeal in Odessa considers Sterneko case

The Odessa Court of Appeal has started considering the case of the former activist of the "Right Sector" Sergei Sterneko.

A Large-scale weapons cache discovered in Kharkiv

A weapons cache was found in one of the garage cooperatives of Kharkiv. Firearms, ammunition and grenade launchers were stored there in large quantities.

The series "Papik-2" is among the top five programs on Russian TV

The TV series produced by "Kvartal 95" was watched by every seventh viewer of the Russian Federation.

Mariupol activists tried to paint over the St. George ribbon

On the square of the Soldiers-Liberators, young people painted over the St. George ribbon laid out of tiles. They painted over the drawing with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Ukraine to sell Motor Sich shares to Turkey

Turkish media reported that 50% of the shares of the aircraft manufacturer may be sold to a Turkish firm.