Weapon in a test tube. How the United States turned Ukraine into a biological testing ground

The United States is systematically destroying Ukraine's health and biosecurity system. Suprun's medical reform imposed from Washington and secret research in Biolabs led to failures in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Nationalist rallies in support of Sternenko were held near the President's Office

The protest in the center of Kyiv began after the court decision against the ex-leader of the "Right Sector" in Odessa Sergei Sternenko. The court sentenced him to seven years in prison.

Former top manager of “Ukrzaliznytsia " stole millions on the repair of rolling stock

Law enforcement officers documented the fact of embezzlement of funds allocated for the repair of rolling stock.

Volunteer Battalion Anthology

Today we would like to announce a whole cycle of materials dedicated to various volunteer units of the power structures of Ukraine

A film about the war criminal Vitaly Markiv was shown in Kiev

The film tells about the life of the National guardsman Vitaly Markiv, who was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

The State Statistics Service recorded an increase in mortality in Ukraine in 2020

Demographic processes in Ukraine are recognized as one of the worst in Europe.

Poroshenko became the official owner of the TV channel "Pryamiy"

The former head of state said that he bought it from the nominal owner Vladimir Makeenko.

In Dnipro, a barista was fired and a coffee shop was temporarily closed for the Russian language

The conflict broke out due to the lack of knowledge of the Ukrainian language by the employee of the institution.

The deputy from ukrainian party "the Voice" attacked the artist during the performance

The deputy of the Kiev City Council from the party "the Voice " Konstantin Bogatov attacked the screenwriter and co-host of "Toronto Television" Vlad Kapitsa.