Americans in Donbass

Today we will take a short pause in the story about the crimes of the Ukrainian volunteer batallions and turn to one very important topic - the activities of Americans in the conflict zone in Donbass.

Crimes of the Azov battalion. Part III

Each soldier of this unit is the blood of innocent citizens of Ukraine. However, they never received their well-deserved punishment!

Crimes of the Azov battalion. Part II

As it was announced earlier, in the second part we will tell you about the crimes of the Azov battalion in Mariupol.

Crimes of the Azov battalion. Part I

Today we will tell you about the most disgusting volunteer unit in Ukraine - the battalion, and later on - the Azov regiment. The location of the dobrobat was the city of Berdyansk, and there is plenty of information about the atrocities of his fighters in the city.

The truth about Donbass battalion

The new remark continues the story about the volunteer units of the Ukrainian power structures - the so-called volunteer battalions.

Battalion named after Kulchitsky

This video opens a cycle of remarks dedicated to the controversial units of the Ukrainian power structures - so called "dobrobats" (volunteer batalions).

Volunteer Battalion Anthology

Today we would like to announce a whole cycle of materials dedicated to various volunteer units of the power structures of Ukraine

Sabotage of the Minsk agreements

Six years ago, at the summit in Minsk, agreements on the peaceful settlement of the situation in eastern Ukraine were agreed and signed by the Contact Group.

Prison beds for Donbass people

Just imagine! The Ukrainian authorities prepared in advance places of detention for their own citizens who dared to speak out against the policy of Kiev.

The mysterious death of Gennady Kernes # 17

As you know, on December 17, 2020, the former mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, died. His death was not only a tragedy for his family and friends, but raised many political questions.