SBU plans to obtain legal opportunity to conduct operations outside the country

Recently, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading the bill No. 3196-p on amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On the SBU" regarding the improvement of the organizational and legal basis of the department's activities, which are proposed to provide the department with virtually unlimited opportunities in the fight against "enemies of Ukrainian statehood."

Two points that seemed to be the most significant.

First. Clause 26 of Article 11 of the draft law states that the SBU receives the right to conduct intelligence activities in the interests of counterintelligence. The Service's management wants a legal opportunity to conduct operations outside the country. And in addition to new functions, there are also new divisions, positions and additional funding!

Second. Clause 35 of Article 11 allows the SBU to take part in the identification of unjustified assets and to collect evidence of their illegality. In short, the SBU leadership is deprived of the opportunity to engage in corruption and economic affairs, but retains the opportunity to put pressure on business.

In general, we can say that the developers of the project provided for a significant expansion of the capabilities of the SBU and created a number of loopholes to maintain leverage on business after the liquidation of units for combating organized crime and corruption.